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Our Junior Programs

IRC provides junior players a variety of playing opportunities no matter their schedule, playing level, or level of competitiveness. Clinics are divided into our Junior Programs (foam, red, orange, and yellow ball) and our High Performance Program for tournament players. All programs are offered as sessions and require advanced registration for the entire session. Membership is required unless otherwise noted.

Session Schedule

  • Session 1 – Play August 16-October 17, 2021
  • Session 2 – Play October 18 – December 19, 2021
    • Priority Registration: 9/14/21 @ 8 am & Open Registration: 9/28/21 @ 8 am
  • Session 3 – Play January 3 – March 13, 2021
    • Priority Registration: 11/16/21 @ 8 am & Open Registration: 11/30/21 @ 8 am
  • Session 4 – Play March 14 – May 22, 2021
    • Priority Registration: 2/1/21 @ 8 am & Open Registration: 2/15/21 @ 8 am
  • Session 5 – Play May 23, 2021


Finding The Right Program

Age: Placement is first dictated by a players age. All players are required to play in the age appropriate program unless they have received special permission from our Tennis Director.

Level: Players are required to meet all of the competencies of a particular level before enrolling in or moving up from a lower level. These competencies are designed to give all players the best possible experience. Over the course of a session, players are continually assessed and may progress to higher level program. Should that occur, our IRC Pro Staff will contact our Member Services Team who will reach out to the parents/guardian to discuss next steps. Many factors impact how quickly a player may improve. Remaining at the same level is not a poor reflection of a players’ ability. As long as a player continues to be challenged – and more importantly, is having fun – the current playing level may still be appropriate.

Session Registration

Players must register in advance for each session. Membership must be active through the entire session.

Priority Registration

  • Priority registration begins two weeks before open registration to allow players currently enrolled in a program to register for the exact same program (day, time and level) for the following session.
    • Registration begins at 8 am. Attempts to register prior to 8 am will not be honored.
    • Players who wish to move to a new program, including a new level, day or time must wait until open registration begins.
    • There is no priority registration for Session 1 registration. Players from a previous year not given priority to register.

Open Registration

  • Open registration allows new players, or those who wish move to a new day time or level to register.
    • Registration begins at 8 am. Attempts to register prior to 8 am will not be honored.

Make-Up Classes

One make-up class per session may be arranged but is not guaranteed. 

  • Make-up opportunities are based on availability and level.
  • A make-up must be completed within the session of the missed class and may not be carried over to the following session(s).
  • All make-ups must be arranged through Member Services at least 24 hours in advance.

Registration Withdrawal

Session Withdrawal 

  • Withdrawal from a session will only be honored before the start date of each session.
    • Players who become injured during a session will be offered a pro-rated account credit based on the number of classes remaining in the session from the date that Member Services was notified. We are unable to offer a credit for any sessions prior to the date Member Services is notified of the injury.

Program Cancellation or Modification

IRC reserves the right to alter or cancel any program (drop-in or session) for any reason deemed necessary including, but not limited to price, assigned teaching professionals, age, skill level or location. A minimum number of players is required to begin and/or continue a group.


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