Red Ball (Ages 4-5)

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Stressing the importance of play and team competition, our 10 and under tennis program will focus on building camaraderie between players, building self-esteem, gaining physical fitness, and developing discipline and good sportsmanship. Tennis for 10 and under players is all about fitting tennis to a kids’ age and physical size. The court size, racquet size, the balls, the scoring system, and even the net height have been modified to allow players to excel.

Court Size

36' Court. 2'9" Net Height.

Tennis Ball

*Red Felt or Red Foam balls.


Ages 4-5: Up to a 21" racquet.
Ages 6-7: Up to a 23" racquet.

*Red foam ball. Moves slower, bounces,lower and travels less distance.Red felt ball. Low bounce, low compression ball. 75% lower speed than a standard ball.
Session Session Start & End Date Priority Registration Open Registration
2-Fall 2020 October 19 - December 20 September 15 September 29

Registration begins at 8 am for all methods of registration.


Rookie & Parent

Rookie & Parent is designed for players ages 4-5 years old that incorporates parents or guardians as “helpers” on-court during the program. Classes will focus on developing hand-eye coordination, send/receive skills, and early stroke development. Parents or guardians will be used as a partner, allowing a teaching pro to help with technique.

  • No experience necessary.
  • Membership is not required.

Note: Parents do not need a racquet or any previous tennis experience. Parents are only asked to hand feed tennis balls to their child. Players will be expected to take instruction well and not disrupt the class with excessive behavior.

Rookie & Parent

DayTime LocationSession 1 Cost
Sunday11:00 am - NoonIRC Dean$112
No play November 26-29th (Thanksgiving weekend).

Hot Shots

This class is designed specifically for 5 year olds that are ready to take a class on their own. This class will focus on developing hand-eye coordination and learning how to be a good partner using send/receive skills with a ball.

  • Player has demonstrated consistent coachability.
  • Membership is not required for a players first Hot Shots session.*

Hot Shots

DayTime LocationCost
Tuesday4:00 - 5:00 pm IRC Dean$144
Friday5:00 - 6:00 pmIRC Dean$128
Sunday11:00 am - NoonIRC Dean$128
No play November 26-29th (Thanksgiving weekend).