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Level Description

IRC offers three levels of Orange Ball clinics for players ages 8-10.  Each program, regardless of level, will focus on fundamental skill development alongside elements of play depending on the players skill level.  Tennis for 10 and under players is all about fitting tennis to kids’ age and physical size.  The court size, racquet size, the balls, the scoring system, and even the net height have been modified to allow players to excel.

Court Size

60' Court. 3' Center Net Height.

Tennis Ball

*Orange Felt or Green Felt balls.


23"-25" racquet.

*Orange felt ball. Medium bounce, low compression ball. 50% lower speed level than a standard ball. Green felt ball. Reduced bounce, low compression, 25% lower speed than a standard ball.
See time and dates for this clinic next session.

Orange Ball 1

This class is designed for beginning players that are new to the game or have limited prior experience. Players will develop an athletic and tennis foundation in a fun environment.

  • No experience necessary.
  • Membership is not required for a players first Orange Ball 1 session.*

Orange Ball 1

DayTimeLocation Session 3 Member Cost
Sunday12:00-1:00 pmIRC Dean $160
Tuesday12:00-1:00 pmIRC Dean $160
Tuesday4:00-5:00 pmIRC Dean $160
Tuesday5:15-6:15 pmIRC Dean $160
Thursday1:00-2:00 pmIRC Dean $160
Thursday4:00-5:00 pmIRC Dean $160
Thursday5:15-6:15 pmIRC Dean $160
Friday4:00-5:00 pmIRC Dean $160
Friday 5:15-6:15 pmIRC Dean $160
Saturday 10:15-11:15 amIRC Dean $160
*Membership is required for future sessions or if a player is moved into a higher level program.

Orange Ball 2

For players who meet all of the requirements of Orange Ball 1 and are developing rally skills. Orange Ball 2 players are able to:

  • Demonstrate strong coachability – listening, following directions, picking up balls, and bringing it in.
  • Sustain a minimum of a 15 shot, short-court rally with a coach, including at least 2 backhands.
  • Complete 25 solo, controlled “ups” with a bounce inside a service box and can consistently perform a trap-heave rally 10 times in a row with a peer.
  • Shadow a proper forehand and backhand groundstroke with a balanced follow through.
  • Properly toss a ball underhand – pocket, step, and toss.
  • Identify the parts of the court and racquet.
  • Demonstrate ready position, ready steps.
  • Membership is required. 

Orange Ball 2

Orange Ball 2
DayTime LocationSession 3 Cost
Tuesday4:00-5:00 pm IRC Dean$160
Tuesday5:15-6:15 pm IRC Dean$160
Thursday4:00-5:00 pm IRC Dean$160
Thursday5:15-6:15 pm IRC Dean$160
Saturday10:15-11:15 pm IRC Dean$160
SundayNoon-1:00 pm IRC Dean$160

Orange Ball 3

For players who meet all of the requirements of Orange Ball 2 and are transitioning to a competitive environment. Orange Ball 3 players are able to:

  • Sustain a minimum of a 25 shot, short-court rally with a coach, including at least 4 backhands.
  • Successfully serve from the baseline of a 60’ court (5 out of 10).
  • Demonstrate the unit turn, follow-through, split-step, and recovery during both rally and match play.
  • Understand match scoring and etiquette.
  • Membership is required.

Note: Players in Orange Ball 3 are highly encouraged to participate in USTA tournaments and to participate in clinics twice per week.

Orange Ball 3

Orange Ball 3
DayTime LocationSession 3 Cost
Tuesday4:00-5:00 pm IRC Dean$160
Friday5:15-6:15 pm IRC Dean$160

Ready for the next level?

Players who meet all of the requirements of Orange Ball 3 and are ready to move to a more advanced playing level may be considered for the High Performance Junior Program.

Please contact the Member Services team for details.