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USTA Sanctioned Tournaments

IRC is proud to host USTA sanctioned tournaments for all levels and ages throughout the year.

How to Register

All players must register through the USTA’s website: https://playtennis.usta.com/Competitions/indianapolisracquetclubdean/Tournaments/

Note: Some tournaments may have entry requirements. See the tournament website for more details.

Net Generation PlayTracker

The Net Generation PlayTracker is for players aged 5-10 and their parents to track progress at USTA competitive events, all in one place. Using the American Development Model (ADM) framework, players and parents will learn more about the recommended development pathway and earn digital incentives along the way.

Click here to learn more.

Registration Tips

For families unfamiliar with the USTA tournament play registering for a tournament can be overwhelming. We are hopeful that the following tips are helpful in answering common questions however, please reach out to the tournament director if needed.

A player must be the same age or younger on the first day of the month the tournament is held to qualify. For Orange Ball vs. Green Dot tournaments, a player must meet the minimum number of Net Generation “play points” gained from Orange Ball play to qualify for a Green Dot tournament.

• Level 1 – USTA National Tournament, 4 day tournament

• Level 2 – USTA National Tournament, 4 day tournament

• Level 3 – USTA National & USTA Midwest Level, Up to 4 day tournament.

• Level 4 – USTA Midwest Level, Up to 4 day tournament.

• Level 5 – USTA Midwest Level & Central Indiana Tournament (our section & district), 3 day tournament.

• Level 6 – Central Indiana Tournament (our local district), 2 day tournament.

• Level 7 – Single Day tournament scheduled for only a few hours. For players with limited tournament experience.

Tournaments have a set number of players for each draw. Most tournaments are tournament director selected based on strength of record (unless otherwise noted). As a result, if 100 players apply for a 32 draw tournament then the strongest 32 players (based on their USTA ranking points) will be selected regardless of the day or time registered.

Each tournament will list online (at the same place you registered) when draws are available, however it is typically on the Wednesday prior to the tournament.

Due to limited court time and to allow the tournament to be completed on time, players should be available during the entire time of the tournament. We will not be able to accommodate schedule requests.