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Heather Iffert

Associate Pro

Joined IRC: 2000

Years Teaching: 35+

Years Playing: 50

Teaching Style: Lighted hearted, fast paced and provides lots of variety for players that still want to improve.


Heather has been teaching at IRC for 20 + years. She coached girls at North Central High School for 15 years – won 5 State Championships, and several players won individual championships in both singles and doubles. Heather played high school and college tennis.

Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Age Groups: Adults


Doubles Play

Other Interests:

Heather recently got into pickleball and is an avid golfer. She spends a lot of time on the Monon riding bikes and walking. She’s a big reader – always looking for a good book and she enjoys time with her 3 children and family.

More about Heather :

“For me, what sets Heather apart from other good Pro’s that I have had – she always takes an active part in the training. She works you hard and focuses on your weakness. She has a sense of humor, at the same time, takes it seriously, but not too seriously. Whether it’s a lesson or a group activity she has the ability to coach you at your level and can simultaneously work with others at their different levels and always treats you as equals. She does a great job and I am very appreciative of Heather!”

– Charlie Brown | 3.0 Adult Player